A Beautiful Obsession by Jimi BlakeA Beautiful Obsession by Jimi Blake

A Beautiful Obsession : Jimi Blake’s World of Plants at Hunting Brook Gardens

by Jimi Blake

Jimi Blake’s new book ‘A Beautiful Obsession’ on his garden at Huntingbrook is one of the most exciting and inspirational gardening books that has been published in a long time. The photography is absolutely beautiful throughout. The book is a wonderful combination of a biography and a garden guide to Huntingbrook, but interspersed with short chapters on Jimi’s many particular plant passions, ranging from the positively unusual tropical leaved “never heard of it” type of plants to the instantly accessible chapters on dahlias and salvias, like the comforting colour fest of a Sarah Raven Catalogue – all presented to inspire and inform in an entirely down to earth and accessible manner. We all so enjoyed Jimi Blake’s lecture day here at Wildegoose back in 2018 and were thrilled to be mentioned in this books list of favourite gardens and nurseries at the back.