‘Be a Birder’

By Hamza Yassin

Of course we all know Hamza Yassin. For some it will be for his childrens wildlife programme, which our daughters have so enjoyed.  For others I am sure it is his Samba rolls and wonderful musicality on Strictly.  ‘Be a Birder’ is Hamza Yasmin’s first book and is wonderfully engaging and approachable, written with the all the genuine passion and enthusiasm you would expect from such an expert birder. As a young child I was taught the joys of birdwatching by my grandmother, I try to take a few minutes every day to admire what is visiting our garden, however I still lack confidence.  In Hamza’s new book, he introduces the reader to the real wonders of this pastime.  Guiding them on what to look out for and helping identify over 50 species, helping them build their confidence.  Even for the more confident birder it is a wonderful read, and if you haven’t already I can heartily recommend Hamzas gorgeous documentary on the UK’s Birds of Prey, for the BBC earlier this Autumn.



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