‘Black Ops and Beaver Bombing’

‘ Adventures with Britain’s Wild Mammals’

By Fiona Matthews and Tim Kendall


‘Black Ops and Beaver Bombing’ – is the book that I am hoping to receive on Christmas Eve.  Recently shortlisted for the Wainwright Prize for Conservation Writing.  In this book the authors Fiona Mathews and Tim Kendall, take the reader on a safari around the British isles searching out Britain’s wild mammals.  Written with humour the books shares some truly magical encounters with mammals in the wild, a look at how in many cases we have failed them and finally some actual solutions to the peril that many of them find themselves in.

Also there can be no better recommendation than Dave Goulson on the front cover saying it is “my favourite book of the year.” As an author of many truly brilliant nature books himself, including ‘The Garden Jungle’ and ‘Silent Earth’ I would definitely be checking out his recommendations!


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