My Heart Was a Tree

Poems and Stories to Celebrate Trees

by Michael Morpurgo and Yuval Zommer

As you can probably tell, we are great lovers of books at Wildegoose.  It is a love which I have tried to instil in our two daughters, their bookshelf is now full of nature themed children’s books.  This gorgeous collection of poems and stories is a new acquisition of theirs.  Michael Morpurgo celebrates the true wonder of the trees that surround us, from the mighty oak, to the humble apple tree and the soothing Eucalyptus.  Telling stories of the people and animals that live amongst the trees through to tales from the trees themselves.  The book is a great way in which to get our children to appreciate the wonder and importance of these mighty living organisms.

The book is illustrated by a firm favourite of ours, Yuval Zommer whose beautiful, quirky, detailed illustrations are a perfect marriage to the stories.

Highly recommended – ideal for bedtime stories.


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