Niwaki GR Pro Topiary ClippersNiwaki GR Pro Topiary Clippers

Niwaki GR Pro Topiary Clippers

We first acquired a pair of Niwaki GR Pro Topiary Clippers over 10 years ago. The same pair is still in A1 condition, we have just had to recently replace the spring at a princely cost of £2.50. Ideal for topiary clipping: whether you are creating a pair of yew peacocks, or a Japanese style cloud pruned hedge. They are not designed for thick woody material but are meant for fine detailed topiary work, where larger shears or hedge cutters lack finesse. We also find them ideal for shearing back clumps of herbaceous perennials and grasses in Winter and get through the job quicker and more easily than a conventional pair of secateurs. The Niwaki GR Pro Topiary Clippers are easy to use and maintain with an excellent refined cutting action.
Hand forged in Yamagata, deep in the mountains in northern Japan, from high carbon steel, with a solid, chunky catch at the bottom and a robust spring. Yellow grips show up in the undergrowth and on the compost heap (yes it has happened to all of us)! The tips cross over a bit when fully closed, to allow for years and years of use and sharpening.
When investing in these tools maintenance is key. Clean off sap with Crean mate and Camellia oil, and sharpen with a Niwaki Sharpening Stone every few weeks.


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