The Big Book of Nature Art

By Yuval Zommer

Yuval Zommer is a firm favourite with our 6 year old daughters.  I often find them with their heads stuck in one of his ‘Big Book’ series.  ‘The Big Book of Nature Art’ is perhaps their go to on a Sunday morning, when they demand a craft session.  This book is a gorgeous, imaginative craft book, which using natural and recycled materials uses the natural world as its inspiration.  From picnic flies mades from cardboard fruit packaging (we now have a collection hanging in the kitchen) to paper plate birds and crickets made from toilet rolls.  All illustrated with Yuval Zommers gorgeous work.

This book is truly original and I can vouch that the projects work (far too many craft books don’t).  Ideal for children with a love of craft and nature.

Highly recommended.



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