Sporobolus heterolepisSporobolus heterolepis

The Full Gardening Year

‘The Gardening Year’ with Laura and Jack Willgoss

10th February – Roses, mulching techniques, root and basal cuttings.

13th April – Staking using Hazel, growing bedding, start of the vegetable garden year and taking cuttings.

18th May – Preparing borders for summer, leaf and tip cuttings.

20th July – Keeping the show on the road, summer divisions and preparing for winter crops.

21st September – Late season colour, planting bulbs, collecting and cleaning seed and a look ahead to the winter months.

A series of five workshops that will provide you with an in-depth view on how we garden here at Wildegoose Nursery.  From staking perennials with hazel, specialist propagation, maintenance techniques to plant selection and border design. The five workshops will take place over the course of this year with each  lasting approximately 3-4 hours and with some practical elements.  You will be working in the garden and on the nursery with Jack and Laura, each workshop being split into 3 elements – propagation, tasks in the garden and plant selection.

Saturdays 9.45am start