Guernsey in CinnamonGuernsey in Cinnamon

Traditional Guernsey Jumpers

These are the very best jumpers to keep you warm and dry when enjoying the great outdoors – a proper fisherman’s jumper that is tight knit to keep the weather out and 100% British wool to keep you extra snug inside. They are also long in the body – so no frost bite on your back when you are bending over to weed. Their other significant benefit is that unlike other warm wool jumpers I have owned in the past, that are so thick as to make you feel like the “Michelin man” struggling to move about the garden, these jumpers feel lighter and looser for ease of movement when working.

Still produced in Guernsey on vintage flatbed machines, with hand knitted necks and shoulders, these jumpers are made to hold their shape better in wear and in washing and even if a seam bursts, they are made of individual pieces that can easily be repaired back together again. In short these are jumpers made to last you a lifetime.



Our model is a size 10/12 and is wearing a 40’’ jumper.

The jumpers are listed by chest measurement in inches.

Because these jumpers use worsted wool and knit more stitches to the line than other manufacturers, these guernseys do fit a bit snugger than a regular pullover. We recommend you choose a size + 2 inches to your widest chest measurement if you are a woman and + 4 inches for a man if you want a comfortable fairly loose fit. Alternatively measure your existing jumpers to compare chest measurements.