Wild FoodWild Food

Wild Food

‘A Complete Guide for Foragers’

By Roger Phillips

I must admit foraging for my own food is not something I have ever delved into beyond a spot of blackberry picking in late August. I remember being most amused when a friend told me about a foraging course she had gone on where the lady taking it, sporting little more than a pair of flip flops, duly stabbed her toe on a blackthorn and had to retire early. However the more I grow my own fruit and vegetables in the Walled garden and have that immense sense of satisfaction of being able to feed myself and my family the more the holy grail of self sufficiency looms large in my future aspirations. Why not gain the knowledge of our ancestors to harvest a bounty crops from our hedgerows previously unknown to us. This seems to me to be the book to get you started. It identifies hundreds of edible plant very clearly and provides fascinating information on how our ancestors would have used plants. It also includes over 150 delicious recipes for food and drink.

As Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall puts it: “I can safely say that if I hadn’t picked up this book some twenty years ago I wouldn’t have eaten as well, or even lived as well as I have. It inspired me then as it inspires me now.”….and I am quite sure Roger Phillips wears sensible sturdy footwear when out on a forage too!