Viola cornuta 'Gustav Wermig'Viola cornuta 'Gustav Wermig'

Viola cornuta ‘Gustav Wermig’

Viola cornuta ‘Gustav Wermig’ bears vibrant purple flowers. An excellent border variety that scrambles through neighbouring plants and flowers prolifically all Summer long, especially if given a mid season chop back to two inches and a liquid feed it will rebound with a strong second flush. The oldest known viola cornuta cultivar and a personal favourite.  We recommend Viola cornuta ‘Gustav Wermig’ to those new to perennial violas and those who want a reliable and prolific variety for the border.



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The cornutas

Viola cornuta is a species native to the mountain pasturelands of the Pyrenees and is known for being hardy and robust. The flower shape is distinct and attractive, with narrow petals and a long thin upward pointing spur at the back which gives it the common name of the Horned pansy. They are particularly good for ground cover and work well scrambling through border fronts or underplanting roses. Flowering for most Viola cornuta cultivars starts in May and continues through to September. Though they tolerate a wide range of conditions, they are happiest in humus rich soils with reasonable drainage, in sun or partial shade (avoiding the hottest areas of the garden – they don’t like to be baked). Give plants space in a border to get established. We recommend planting in groups of three to achieve a good sized clump of 20-40cm in height and 30-50cm diameter (depending on cultivar).