Niwaki GR 210 Folding SawNiwaki GR 210 Folding Saw

Niwaki GR 210 Folding Saw

The Niwaki GR 210 Folding Saw is the perfect saw for regular use in the garden – for thinning shrubs, pruning fruit trees and other meatier jobs that secateurs and loppers can’t handle. It seems obvious to say but we always prefer a folding saw because it is so easy to transport safely around the garden in your tool belt or pocket – if you have deep ones that is, without fear of accidentally garrotting yourself if you loose those cumbersome protective sheaths that you get with the non folding saws.
The blade is 21cm long and will easily cut branches around 7cm in diameter. It has a comfortable rubber handle. As with all Japanese saws, it has a narrow blade for efficient sawing, and cuts on the pull stroke.


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