Verbena macdougalii ‘Lavender Spires’Verbena macdougalii ‘Lavender Spires’

Verbena macdougalii ‘Lavender Spires’

Verbena macdougalii ‘Lavender Spires’ is always much admired in the garden where it flanks our Nursery shop with its tall branching stems topped with lavender purple flowers. Its flower structure is very similar to Verbena hastata but it flowers far longer from July until the frosts and has lovely persistent seed heads. The insects seem to love it, though I recall Marina Christopher (from who we bought it) saying that it does not set viable seed and this results in its longevity of flowering. It is mostly hardy with us i.e the majority survive the Winter but we loose the occasional one. Plant in a Sunny position with reasonable drainage. Height 1.5m plus.